Our Sri Lanka eBook

The tear-drop island deeply impressed us. If it is surfing in South, beautiful train rides, green highlands or exciting stories told by locals – Sri Lanka is so diverse. Working on our first eBook we spent a couple of weeks researching and writing. In the meanwhile we spoke with friends who also have been impressed by the marvelous island. Now we bundled all important information of our beloved Sri Lanka in this eBook.

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The payment will be done via PayPal but you do not necessarily need an account – without an account you will also be able to get a copy. So nothing blocks you getting a new portion of Sri Lanka information. After the purchase you will receive a download link via email. Please pay attention to use an email that is still active and also check the Spam folder in case you do not see it at the first glance.

Sneak Peek of our Sri Lanka eBook

What exactly does our eBook contain?

✔ 58 pages of helpful information
✔ Checklists, making sure that you don’t forget anything important
✔ Separation of chapters in prior, during and after your trip
✔ Bundled info with up-to-date prices for the country, the people and its culture
✔ Surf-Special! Spot description and preparations for surfing with dedicated workout tips
✔ Helpful tips to save money
✔ Destinations and ideas you won’t find in other guide books
✔ … and a lot more that will make you look forward even more

What do people say about our Sri Lanka eBook?

Piero wavesnbackpack


”With wavesnbackpack’s eBook I was able to prepare my trip after work on my couch. I knew how much money I will roughly spend, which stops I shouldn’t miss out and didn’t need to read countless blogposts to get the information needed. It helped a lot while planning and me a couple of hours research. Thumbs up!” – Piero


Just $8.50 - Get One! 

“Countless tips with nice pictures. The book just brought me in the mood to travel and excited at the same time. The chapters are nicely separated in prior, during and after the trip, which was a great idea to me. Among that, the surf-special was extremely helpful. I knew what to do and how to prepare my body. – Jan