Hi, we are Anika and Julian and welcome to our blog wavesnbackpack!

Together we traveled to Sri Lanka and met interesting people who told us countless exciting stories from all over the world. Australian surfers traveling the world’s seven oceans, a Sri Lankan local with bavarian German accent, a Filipino expat living in Thailand and a lot more impressive people with completely different cultural backgrounds. All of them wanted to share impressions. And these we want to bundle in this blog! :)

After coming home from Sri Lanka we sat down several evenings in cozy Cologne and wrote down our notes, experiences and feelings about our beloved Sri Lanka.

We hope you enjoy the different stories of travelling our beautiful planet earth and that we can make your “Fernweh” (great German expression for the opposite of being homesick) a tiny bit worse.

Where we have been to

About Ani

Hobby-Photographer, Left-Winger and lover of the Spanish language. That’s Ani, 29 years old. After she finished her studies in Spanish and Linguistics she had to make a tough decision: Mirrorless or DSLR camera. Decision made, tickets booked, and she already sit beside Julian in the plane to Mexico. With her beloved Nikon D5500 she is always alert to capture the best moments to share with you. Other than that she likes improving Julians style of writing and makes our posts perfect with a lot attention to detail.

Julian about Ani

About Julian

Julian is 29 and Digital Marketer in a startup based in Cologne. Since a while he is eager to shoot with his beloved Lumix cam, which is always carries around on short trips as well as longer travels. If he is not carrying his camera, that’s because he might run to the gym or even better stands on a surf board. He does not get enough from waves. The feeling of a board beneath his feet allows him to blind out everything else around him. In the water, just a couple of things matter: Watch the ocean, paddle, stand up aaaand… splash.

Ani about Julian