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wavesnbackpack is an aspiring travel and surf blog, which was founded by Ani and Julian after a four week stay in Sri Lanka. Here we noticed that many stories get told but just little of them get written down. For that reason we are bundling exciting travel and surf stories from travellers from all over the world.

Among that we always feel wanderlust as well. All our own stories are being shared with our readers on wavesnbackpack.

The big advantage in working together with us are our backgrounds. Ani is fluent in Spanish and due to her Linguistics studies good with writing target-customer oriented. Julian is responsible for all digital communication for a globally active software provider and is thus able to write optimised for the search engine. As well as that he achieved his masters degree in Ireland and due to that content production in English is also possible.


We already worked with a handful of companies and are always open for new suggestions and ideas. As a heads up: We are selective with companies we partner with. We just advertise companies we deeply believe in.

  • Individual Research Trips: You are aiming for marketing a new travel destination? As soon as the topic suits our blog, we are happy to publish a blog post or set up communications on our social media channels.
  • Press and Blogger Events / Trips: Your company organizes a blogger trip? If it suits we are happy to join and share our experiences with our fans and followers.
  • Service and product reviews: We are supposed to test your product or service? If it suits our topic, we are happy to do so.
  • Advertorials: Our readers are supposed to get to know your company? We can add it to our communication if it suits our blog.
  • Content for Corporate Blogs: Here we already have a lot of experience. We delivered content to companies around the globe and are happy to do so for your company as well.

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Eager to work together with us? Send us an email with more information or ask for our Media Kit!

We are looking forward to hearing from you!